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jueves, marzo 02, 2006

LA BELLEZA DE MELISSA P. (Fotos de Gabriele Rigon)

Gabriele Rigon (c)


  • At 1:51 a. m., Blogger verolindapechocha said…

    ¿Es esa la verdadera Melissa P? ¿La escritora quinceañera? Bella en verdad.

  • At 8:14 a. m., Blogger ANDRES KISHIMOTO KANNA said…

    No es la escritora, es el título de la exposición de un fotógrafo. Aquí sus datos:

    I must be the luckiest man alive. I not only get to meet and photograph the world's most beautiful women, but when I'm not in the studio or on location I fly Chinook and Huey helicopters for the Italian army!

    Photography was an important part of my childhood as my grandfather ran a photographic studio, begun by his father in 1898. I began to take my own photographs professionally in the army, where I specialised in reportage work for my flight group. My first photographs were taken during a United Nations mission to Namibia in 1990.

    How can I relate my "aerial" photography to my "nude" photography? In the air I am elated by the freedom I feel hovering between the stars and the earth. Unconstrained, I am inspired by the freedom I have. The same freedom I feel taking photographs I am passionate about.

    My passion is to capture and share the sensual beauty of the female form. The female nude is, for me, nature's finest gift. I am so moved by this aesthetic that I try to translate what I feel into still images.

    It has been said that "still images" is too clinical a description for my photography and rather, due to the special relationships I form with my models, I capture "Intimate moments in time".

    Is this true? I find that every woman has a certain femininity that a good photographer should be able to capture. I like to take "sensual" photographs, as, in my mind, it is the woman's form that drives desire. My associate Mark Holland-Hicken and I have spent many months refining our definition of "sensuality" as opposed to "eroticism" and "pornography".

    I don't use many models as I prefer to form special working relationships with just a few. I think this is the most important part of taking a great photograph. I have very special feelings for my models and they for me. A recipe of trust, understanding, humour and friendship allows my models and I to relax, to relax in such a way that my camera becomes simply a tool for capturing the moments we share.

    I have recently become good friends with a designer and painter from England, Mark Holland-Hicken. Mark introduced himself to me just over one year ago when he approached me to ask if he could paint one of my models. Over the ensuing months we both realised that our appreciation and understanding of the female form was so similar that we decided to try and share a few concepts and ideas.

    It now seems that artistically we gel so well that we have shared hundreds of ideas and we have some very exciting "special" projects under way. Some of which we look forward to sharing with you soon.

    One such long-term project and dream is to build ourselves the most beautiful and relaxing photography and painting studio here in Italy. We can think of no better way to produce even more inspired artworks and collections.

    Like all the most successful collaborations and partnerships Mark brings with him not only a deep understanding of my art but also a sympathetic alternative way of presenting my art too. I am assured that this meeting of minds is mutual!

    I am very privileged to work here in Italy where my Italian models are considered "Classical Mediterranean" Beautiful and Sensual. For me the attraction lies in their eyes, the way they look through the camera lens and catch the eye of you - the viewer. I have worked with models from all over the world who have been exceptionally professional with beautifully sculptured bodies, but for me Italian girls radiate a special sensuality from their eyes that compells me to photograph them.

    Many people ask me whether I am a romantic when they see my photographs. I take this as a great compliment. It means that I portray women in the right light. I am romantic and in front of such extraordinary beauty I want to create poetry with my camera.

  • At 10:14 a. m., Blogger Llullasunqu said…

    Caramba, y que nos queda a aquellos que no tuvimos la suerte ni el talento para aprender ingles?
    Por lo menos, un resumen para poder conocer a esa belleza que adorna tu elocuente post.

  • At 3:18 p. m., Blogger ANDRES KISHIMOTO KANNA said…

    Estimado Llullasunqu, en los próximos post voy a colocar otra muestra de Rigon con un resúmen en castellano. Lamento mucho la descortesía.


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